8/4/2014 - East Coast Tsunami Fest 2014 Lineup announced!

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The East Coast Tsunami Fest 2014 is coming quickly! The lineup is set, the venue is ready to go, and people are getting excited.

The shows will occur on Friday September 26th, Saturday September 27th and Sunday September 28th, at Reverb in Reading PA.

The headliners are: Friday - AGNOSTIC FRONT + WISDOM IN CHAINS (RAMONES SET) + the return of BIGWIG + DEATH THREAT + YELLOW STITCHES and Saturday - OBITUARY + CRO MAGS + SICK OF IT ALL + WISDOM IN CHAINS + FURY OF FIVE + VOD + HOODS and Sunday - IGNITE + BANE + SKARHEAD + STRENGTH FOR A REASON + STICK TOGETHER + HOMEWRECKER + MENACE + BORN LOW + HEAVY CHAINS + REASON TO FIGHT + SURPRISE GUESTS a ton of other talent. The opening bands and the day by day breakdown can all be found in the Lineup page.

Tickets are on sale now via the Reverb box office. Click the button on the right to buy either a full weekend pass, or individual tickets.

Transit information is available via the Basic Information page, and Hotel and lodging information can be found here.

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